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Best Product for Dispensary.

Contemporary Design

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New Contemporary Design

Raising the ‘Bud Bar®‘ on Cannabis Containers!™

Inspired by the fact that cannabis strains are like fine wine, the Bud Goblet™ design celebrates the cannabis cronisseur’s appreciation for viewing beautifully trimmed nugs with their trichomes and the wonderful terpene aromas.

The Bud Goblet™ design, mimics a wine glass and as such is a more delicate Pod than our other flower sampling containers.

Proper handling of the Bud Goblet™

The Aroma ‘sniff’ Plug should only be rotated open or closed while holding the cup of the Bud Goblet™. Unsupported use of the Aroma Plug will cause over-flexing of the stem and could lead to eventual breakage.


  • Pivoting Aroma Plug with white pivot screw comes standard on each Bud Goblet™.

  • Colored base and stem for indicating strain types or pricing structure.

  • ‘Nug pin’ suspends the sample for perfect viewing.

  • Magnification lens and aroma holes allow customers to enjoy and explore without contact.

  • ‘Tether Ready’ should you choose to use our security tethers.

  • Use our Anti-Tamper Security Seals (sold separately) to meet most State Compliance Laws for preventing customer’s physical contact with samples.

Overall Dimensions: 3” wide x 4” deep x 5” tall.

Clear Cup Dimensions: 2⅞” diameter x 2¼” tall.

Comes in five colors: Black, White, Green, Purple, or Orange.

Note: We strive for consistent color matching, however, color lot variation may occur.

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