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Best Product for Dispensary.

The Next Generation in Sample Pods”

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Bud Pod™

“The Next Generation in Sample Pods”


  • Seals are airtight to prolong freshness.

  • Specially designed Bud Spike allows you to ‘Float that Choice Bud’ inside the Pod avoiding damage to the trichomes. In addition, it places the bud in the perfect position in the container for magnified viewing.

  • Aroma Holes allow for a large movement of air exchange inside the container to obtain the strains full aroma.

  • Aroma Plug seals the holes at the top of the container snugly to help maintain freshness. Also available as a Pivoting Aroma Plug (Optional): choose the pivoting option to ensure your plug stays secured to the pod. Plugs are available in both Black & Clear. The black plug uses a black pivot screw & the clear plug uses a white pivot screw.

  • Magnifying Lens for microscopic viewing of trichomes, etc.

  • Designed for ‘Tether Ready’ use. Order the optional tethers now, or later.

  • Sample Compliance. To meet various State guidelines for sample compliance, we offer Anti-Tamper Security Seals (sold separately). The seal can be customized with your LOGO. The seals lay flat around the circumference of the Pod for a clean appearance.

  • A Card Holder is built-in to the Bud Pod™ design. Place description cards back-to-back at the top of the container, allowing your budtenders to have their own ‘cheat sheet’.

  • Overall Dimensions: 3¼” wide x 3½” deep x 2¾” tall (Information Card not included).

  • FREE Strain Info Templates (Business Card Size) for your Bud Pod™ card holder.
    Templates are formatted to use AVERY® Brand business cards #8859 or can be scissor cut.

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