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Best Product for Dispensary.

Clean And Simple

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The clean, simple Canna-Pod® design includes popular features.


  • Inter-Fitting Lid and Body create an Air Tight Seal on the container that will keep your flower samples Fresher, Longer.

  • Aroma Area of the container is very large for greater air exchange to fully appreciate the strains terpene signature.

  • Aroma Plug is used to seal Aroma Area to maintain freshness. Also available as a Pivoting Aroma Plug (Optional): choose the pivoting option to ensure your plug stays secured to the pod. Plugs are available in both Black & Clear. The black plug uses a black pivot screw & the clear plug uses a white pivot screw.

  • Magnifying Lens for microscopic viewing of trichomes, etc.

  • We offer Anti-Tamper Security Seals (sold separately). The seal can be customized with your LOGO. The seals lay flat around the circumference of the Pod for a clean appearance.

  • Deep Capacity Pod. The container holds up to 1/2 ounce of buds for sample display.

  • Tether Tab (optional). Choose the ‘Tether Tab’ option to be added to your Canna-Pod®, this external tab allows the use of our ‘Eyelet’ Tether (sold separately) to mechanically screw fasten the Tether to your Canna-Pod®.

The Canna-Pod® standard base-bottom is clear, we also offer a range of base color options for color coding strains.

Colored Options Allow You To:

  • Color code different strains.

  • Color code pricing.

Overall Dimensions: 3½” diameter x 2½” tall.

*NOTE: Prices and colors may vary by product.

FREE Business Card Size Templates for your Strain Information cards.

Templates are formatted to use; ‘Avery’ Brand business card #8859.

CannaPod® Card Template (PDF)

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